Created Oct 31, 2013

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I am an old fart sick of seeing America ripped apart by stupid people I.E. Republican'ts Party of G"NO"P Teabaggers who only think what is best for themselves and have not a clue what this great nation was founded on or by. There is a need to see the motto of America be "In Law We Trust" and put all gods back into their place of worship and out of our government. Lets get out and VOTE!!! Dameit get those folks that want to do things to (2) Americans out of office and VOTE in people that want to do things for (4) Americans and America! I live within the borders of the stupidest state in the USA Texas where poor people vote Republican't cause they have no brains to see what is being done to them and not what can be done for them!


Shows The Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

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